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Hey there! I’m Sue Brown-Moore, and I’m a Freelance Editor for indie authors.

Helping authors bring out the very best in their stories is one of my passions in life, and I’ve been honing that talent for a long time. I am a passionate fan and promoter of romantic fiction, and that is what I edit.

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What authors are saying

One of the best parts of working developmentally with an author is getting to see and contribute to the creative process. Below are some thoughts and recommendations from my clients.

  • I had the honor of working with the fabulous Sue Brown-Moore on several different occasions. I’ve also met her lovely self in person. To say her charming personality matches her awe-inspiring developmental editing abilities would be putting it mildly. I’ve never worked with a more tuned-in, savvy, or humbling creative. Sue can see through to the very heart of a story, then weaves pure magic to draw the very best from your words. She has an effortless control over the art of storytelling that allows her to mold plot structure, character motivation, and story arcs into things of utter beauty. I cannot thank her enough for the lessons learned and the writerly growth she’s provided. If you ever have a chance to work with this talented and beautiful soul, do yourself a favor and jump on it. You won’t regret it.

  • Sue is my developmental editor. DE is basically the same kind of editor as my acquiring editor at a traditional publishing house. I chose Sue because her specialty is romance and my novellas tend to lean that direction. I wanted someone who would have that focus. She’s extremely helpful and I find if she and my beta’s agree on anything, then it must be altered in the story.

  • Cheryl P. RiderCheryl P. RiderAuthor of urban fantasy & paranormal romance

    You have a way of making me feel like you love my story even as you rip it apart. It’s a gift. 😉

  • Is there an editor appreciation day? Because there should be. The good ones are wizards and they’re worth it. Thank you Sue Brown-Moore @davincikittie #writerslife #editing #amwritingromance

  • I think working with a developmental editor is always crucial, and is even more important when you’re working on a series. A good developmental editor can guide the writer from the beginning on the creation of a series bible (a must for any series), managing ongoing plot lines, ensuring continuity between books, and coming up with a bevy of other considerations the writer may have never thought of.

    I discovered Sue while working on the third novel in my urban fantasy series — she was invaluable in pointing out the areas not only where I needed to work more on the series concepts, but in spotting possible characters or plot points that would spin nicely into future books. Thanks to her feedback and guidance, I now have a full fledged series bible and have sketched out my entire series from start to finish.

  • Sue is naturally gifted to spot plot holes and developmental problems in a story. When she returns one of my manuscripts, she includes numerous constructive comments that literally set my mind on fire with ideas. She is a true collaborator who aims to help an author build the best story he or she can write. Her feedback and input are invaluable, and my stories wouldn’t be nearly as magical without her assistance.

    In self-publishing, it’s harder to find good developmental editors than it is to find good copy editors. Sue fills that need on both fronts. Not only is she adept in copy editing, but her content-focused feedback can turn a good story into a great one. I would recommend working with Sue to any author looking to improve not only her writing, but also the overall impact her story has on readers.

  • Can’t say enough good things about editor @davincikittie! Kickass insight & suggestions. #HireHer #EditingSkillz

  • I went from wanting to burn the manuscript in a fire back to loving it.

  • Sue has been my developmental editor since I started publishing my books in 2016, and I’m so grateful for her guidance. I love working with her and I recommend her to other authors all the time. Several of my friends now happily use her for their books! Thank you, Sue!

Partial book list

Here are a few of the books I’ve worked on as a developmental or project editor:


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I’m a romantic fiction junkie, so when I’m not editing and working with indie authors, I also podcast and blog about my faves. Hang out with me on The Infatuated Podcast, or check out my award-winning romance reviews at GraveTells.com. GraveTells Romance was launched in 2010, and it hasn’t see much action lately. I’m also spending more time these days on my editing and Patreon work, so The Infatuated Podcast hasn’t gotten much love in a while either. That said, there’s still plenty of fun content to check out if you’re new to Infatuated and GraveTells.

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Aside from reading, editing, or blogging (and let’s be fair, those make up most of my schedule!), I love to photograph night cityscapes and candid moments, craft original jewelry (including chainmaille!), and come up with ridiculous tasting notes for wine. I always end the day with a good snuggle with my three furbabies and the love of my life, whom I met through World of Warcraft and will forever trade jabs with about who is the better player. (In case there’s any doubt, it’s me. 🙂 )

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