A candid, behind-the-scenes interview with Editor in Chief Lynn West of Dreamspinner Press #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

Submitting your manuscript to a publisher can be a frightening and confusing adventure. Lynn West, Editor in Chief of Dreamspinner Press, shares her advice on what publishers look for and how you can prepare. Don't miss the giveaways from our #IndieMonth2017 sponsors at the bottom of this article!

Damon Suede on the fun, the serious, & the must-do’s of networking and conventions #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

If you've attended a recent romance convention, you've probably met—or at least heard, possibly from across the room, with his booming Voice of Welcome—author Damon Suede. From D&D-style strategies to extracurricular skills-improvement activities, and laugh-out-loud observations to serious-as-a-heartbeat advice, Damon walks us through his go-to strategy for bringing his A-game and A-gang to a networking event. Don't miss the giveaways from our #IndieMonth2017 sponsors at the bottom of this article!

The essential why and the nitty-gritty how of indie author mailing lists and promo swaps #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

Are you an indie author feeling overwhelmed by marketing advice, yet still unsure how to network with readers and other authors? Today we're talking about mailing lists—why you need one and how to build lasting connections with your readers & peers. Read to the bottom for to enter today's giveaways!

A #MustRead intro to self-marketing for indie & unpublished authors #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

In today's intro to Networking Week (Become a Networking Ninja!), writing coach and author Beth Barany talks about the importance of marketing even before you become published and lays out a simple, easy-to-follow plan for setting up your strategy. Don't miss the giveaways at the bottom of the post!