Hone Your Craft

IndieMonth Week 2 focuses on sharpening your skills and mastering your craft as an author! Here are the DON'T-MISS topics and speakers:

  • Author Melissa Blue on creating killer-good cover art and marketing imagery
  • Author Chloe Adler on how to ace your book launch and rack up those critical early reader reviews
  • Author Jodi Vaughn on how to craft a series and spin-off series that keeps readers coming back

The fun starts Tuesday, June 27!

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Real, actionable steps to ACING your next book launch #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

I'm excited to welcome author Chloe Adler to #IndieMonth2017! When Chloe launched her first book with this marketing plan, she was not a known author. In the first four days her book was on sale, it garnered 17 reviews, boosting the listing's Amazon rating to spot #5,889. Over the next six weeks, the total climbed to 31 reviews, and the book eventually hit #5 in the Witches category for free books and #286 in free Kindle books overall. Imagine the possibilities if you practice and perfect Chloe's plan. Read on to learn how putting these steps into action has enhanced her sales. Click to see her strategy!