Get Published

IndieMonth Week 4 focuses on how to tame that elusive beast, publication! Here are the DON'T-MISS topics and speakers:

  • Author Angel Payne on mastering the art (and chaos) of self-publishing
  • Dreamspinner Publications' Editor in Chief Lynn West on what publishers look for and how to submit your manuscript
  • Event wrap-up and resources list

The fun starts Tuesday, July 11!

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Resources quick list & #IndieMonth2017 wrap-up! Sign up for next year here!

Have you enjoyed the 2017 Indiependence Celebration? I hope you've learned some great new tips and tricks to propel you on your writing journey! I'm so excited to have hosted so many truly great talents and unique voices this year, and I'm looking forward to amping up the awesome even more next year. Interested in participating as a speaker or sponsor of next year's event? Sign up inside and I'll drop you a line when I start planning! <3 

A candid, behind-the-scenes interview with Editor in Chief Lynn West of Dreamspinner Press #IndieMonth2017 #giveaway

Submitting your manuscript to a publisher can be a frightening and confusing adventure. Lynn West, Editor in Chief of Dreamspinner Press, shares her advice on what publishers look for and how you can prepare. Don't miss the giveaways from our #IndieMonth2017 sponsors at the bottom of this article!