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Looking for an editor?

Finding the right editor can be tough. You want someone you can trust with your work and your self-confidence, someone who knows what to look for and how to coach you in a positive way. When you're investing so much in your stories, you want to know your editor is tenacious about rooting out problem sections, thorough in her approach, and confident enough to tell you what your story needs without crushing your ego. Read more to find out how I can help you find the right editor for YOU, even if that person isn't me.

How to avoid these Top Five newbie author Mistakes

Are you a new author, struggling with what to do, how to do it, and terrified of making a huge career mistake? You're not alone! This is your go-to article for the top mistakes I've seen new authors make, and my best advice for getting you out of your comfort zone and into the right mindset for building success. Inside you'll also find my 5 day e-course START STRONG, a deep dive into the advice in this article, with freebies like worksheets and templates. Click to find out more!