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How bold are YOUR explorations?

by Sue Brown-Moore
Boldly go where YOU have never dared

Ever since the first episode of Picard released and CBS bucked the popular Netflix style of binge watching shows—meaning I actually had to wait a week for each new episode (oh, the angst!)—I’ve been re-devouring all things Star Trek. And I am shocked (and a little disturbed, but also delighted) to realize just how much more open my mind is today than thirty-something years ago.

As a young teenager, I couldn’t see all the social parallels, the subtle (and sometimes in-your-face) natural biases this franchise is so damned good at exposing. Star Trek, like science fiction as a genre, is inherently progressive. It forces us to think beyond our human limits, our stale customs, our ritualized expectations.

From technology to social dynamics to moral precepts, SciFi has long challenged us to be better, to go deeper, to demand more than the status quo.

As you face an evolved set of personal, social, and professional challenges…

…think about how you can expand your own horizons, push your own boundaries, and break the ingrained chains on your own spirit. Then, follow that insight to breathe new life (and civilizations?) into your writing.

Explore strange (or at least creatively revised) new tropes.

Seek out new metaphors for divisive moral dilemmas.

Boldly go where you have never dared before.

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