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Dream big, but be present

by Sue Brown-Moore
Dream big, live now

As I looked out over the bay this morning with my morning espresso, my mind started sprinting off in a dozen different directions, most of them churning up a yearning for achievement and recognition and a need to find that elusive feeling of completion that always seems just out of reach. Dreaming has never been a challenge for me. My mind naturally wanders to far-off places, happier scenarios, and the satisfaction of accomplishment my spirit craves.

My mind is always wandering. Living in the now is a constant struggle.

Living in the now, however, is a constant struggle. Even when I worked a cushy job in tech, I’d stand at my office window and look out over San Francisco’s SOMA district, wishing to be somewhere else, daydreaming of a time when I could run my own business, make my own career decisions, have a voice that was heard

Even when I have what I want, I daydream. I always want more. 

But I didn’t stop to realize how much of a voice I did have, how much I already influenced people, how I was building the foundation for my dreams right then. I was so caught up in looking ahead that I neglected to acknowledge the power and importance of where I was

(Is it just me or did Yoda’s voice just pop into your head, too?)

I was so focused on what I wanted (and didn’t have) that I didn’t bother to take stock of my situation, to orient myself, and to celebrate what I had already achieved. 

Challenge yourself to be present in your moment. Right now. 

So my challenge to you is to simply be where you are, right now. To immerse in your moment. To learn everything today has to offer and to celebrate the wins you may not even realize you’ve earned. Dreaming is important—no, it’s critical to our emotional health and personal success—but the only way to achieve those dreams is to act. 

As you settle into your 2020 journey, here’s how to dream big but stay present:

  • Acknowledge where you are in your journey.
  • Open yourself to new possibilities and paths.
  • Choose a direction and act on it.
  • And never stop dreaming along the way.

What are your 2020 dreams? And what’s your strategy for staying focused?

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