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Dealing with distractions

by Sue Brown-Moore
Two-Minute Tips video on dealing with distractions by Sue Brown-Moore

Welcome to my first Two-Minute Tips video! And a huge, extra-special thank you to all my Romantics who helped me get to my first goal (to earn this video) and voted on this topic.https://youtu.be/liyuTbL4-5cIn my January Pro Tip, I talk more about avoiding and minimizing distractions when working from home, as well as three other exclusive tips, so if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the direct link, or you can preview it here on the blog. In March, I’m planning to do a video on the Basics of GMCs. That’s another topic my Romantics voted for, and it segues nicely into our exploration of goals, motivations, conflicts, and all the character arc goodness coming in February and March.

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