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When is your creativity the strongest?

by Sue Brown-Moore
When is your creativity strongest?

Creativity is a fickle friend. When she visits, she storms in with a vengeance and demands to be heard right now. But when I try to call her up for a nice, professional tête-à-tête, she’s conveniently unavailable. Because, of course she is. 

One of the personal hacks I’ve had to learn as a freelance editor is to schedule my day around my energy. That means starting my work day on the West Coast later than some people finish work on the East. And it means not starting my day with my primary work task—editing.  

For me, creative energy is highest in the morning. This is when I let my brain off the leash, when spontaneous ideas happen, when I am full of hope and enthusiasm and determination. And then, after lunch, when my analytical brain takes over, I start my edit for the day. 

When is your creativity the strongest? 

And are you paying attention to it?

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