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Your go-to character development spreadsheet

by Sue Brown-Moore
The only character development worksheet a fiction writer needs

I am really excited to share today’s Romantic Resource. As a professional editor, I’ve had to develop my own tools for pinpointing difficult character traits and digging deeper into a hero’s psyche. The character development spreadsheet I’m sharing with you today is the culmination of six years of editing work, brainstorming, and refinement. It is my go-to tool for pushing past any nebulous story gaps and pacing challenges. Sometimes fixing a saggy middle is as simple as questioning your character’s core values and clarifying their Goals, Motivations, and Conflicts in each act of the story. This spreadsheet should help you zero in on any trouble spots in your WIP or stories you’re planning.Whether you’re a pantser, plotter, or anywhere in between, this spreadsheet will help you focus and refine where your story needs to go. Character-driven stories are the heart of fiction, especially romantic fiction, and connecting story beats to character values is the key to creating memorable, impactful literature. Ready to get started? Just download the attachment on this post and start on the “How to use this workbook” tab. Yes, there’s a lot of text there, but I’d rather over-explain than leave you confused. I can also post a video walkthrough of an example if there’s enough interest. The last tab in the workbook is an example that uses (and recaps) my recent case studies on Anna-from-Frozen’s GMCs and Core Values. Psst! This spreadsheet is meant for members of The Romantics only, so please don’t share it externally.

UPDATE 3/16/20 5:25pm PT: This workbook is meant to be opened in Microsoft Excel and viewed on a desktop/laptop-sized screen (not mobile). You can open the file in Google Sheets or another Excel-compatible program and it should still work, but it might be messy visually (especially the Diagram tab). 

Download the spreadsheet (on Patreon)

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